Prep for your Checkride the Right Way!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Getting ready for a checkride can feel pretty overwhelming- especially once you finally purchase all the study books that your instructor recommends.  How are you going to have time to read all of that in the few short weeks before your checkride?  Are you even ready for your checkride?  What if you can't study it all and then don't pass?  I know those are all thoughts I had in the past before a checkride.  However, prepping for a checkride doesn't need to be stressful, it can be exciting, as long as you follow a few easy steps.  

Create a Study Schedule

I didn't learn this trick until I was prepping for my instrument checkride, but once I did it made my checkrides look like a piece of cake instead of the most intense few hours I would have to endure.  Before I began my final studying, I pulled out my PTS (Practical Test Standards book, now the ACS Airman Certification Standards) and created a list of all the items I needed to study before my checkride.  You can purchase the ACS from your local FBO, online, or you can download it for free from the FAAs website.  Remember, if it is not in the PTS, you can't be tested on it.  It is no surprise what you will be tested on- it is all outlined in detail in the ACS.  Here is the list I made when I created my schedule for the Commercial Checkride:  (yes, I still had a copy of it after all these years... haha). Commercial PTS Requirements 

  • Certificates and Documents

  • Airworthiness Requirements

  • Weather Information

  • Cross Country Flight Planning

  • National Airspace System

  • Performance and Limitations

  • Operation of Systems

  • Aeromedical Factors

  • Preflight Inspection

  • Cockpit Management

  • Engine Starting

  • Taxiing

  • Before Takeoff Check

  • Radio Communications and Light Signals

  • Traffic Patters

  • Airport Runway/Taxiway Signs/Markings/Lighting

  • Normal Takeoff and Climb

  • Crosswind Takeoff and Climb

  • Normal Approach and Landing

  • Crosswind Approach and Landing

  • Soft Field Takeoff and Climb

  • Soft Field Approach and Landing

  • Short Field Takeoff and Climb

  • Short Field Landing

  • Power-Off 180 Approach and Landing

  • Go-Around

  • Steep Turns

  • Steep Spiral

  • Chandelle

  • Lazy 8

  • Eights On Pylons

  • Pilotage/Dead Reckoning